Friday, January 29, 2010

Dreams about Balloons: Flights of Fancy

What does it mean when one dreams about balloons?

Balloons are these poetic objects of flight. Balloons in dreams may signify your ambition, a journey into the unknown or your ability to take yourself to the next level through self-improvement.

Check out the following dream situations:

I dreamt of a red balloon, I was holding it and it popped
It means the end of a personal, lofty dream

I dreamt of being on a hot-air balloon and rising above the land seeing everything.
There is a journey up ahead and you are aware of the dangers and riches that await in your destination.

I dreamt of balloons flying away across a blue sky.
It is witnessing your secret desire for personal freedom take hold.

I dreamt of myself with a balloon head walking around the neighborhood.
You are being made aware of perhaps your inflated ego or how you are making things difficult for other people around you.

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