Saturday, December 26, 2015

A Dream about Expanding Along a Space like a Room: Shift in Space Dream

I'm trying to recall this dream, but the main theme of it was the feeling of expansion, things stretching, that sense of expanding along with the space. Its that kind of dream.

Dreaming about this room extending in length, turning into a long hallway, the way an accordion would expand. But I was in this room, visually it felt like a rack shot (the kind in movies) until I felt it on my feet, the floor expanding. Once it fully expanded, there was someone at the end of the hallway looking back at me. I couldn't remember who when I woke up. But I knew it was someone I knew in real life looking back.Strange thing, I don;t remember who it was, but I remember the texture of the floor were wooden bamboo slats to fine large wood slats. I knew then I was in an old house, the kind my grandma used to live in. End of dream.