Friday, April 15, 2011

Dream Pattern Baldness: Losing Your Hair in Dreams

Going bald in your dreams can be really be frightening, but this dream luckily is not prophetic of propecia.

Hair loss in dreams has more to do with self-image than literally losing hair from your head. Its quite similar to dreams of losing your teeth. In losing hair, there is a sense of vanity and deep-seated insecurity involved.

Your locks being a source of pride, youth and good looks- the loss of it would be devastating to your ego. Dreams of baldness prey on our fear of aging, of losing virility or going full ugly. It also signifies a loss of will power or strength to overcome problems, but do not fear, hair does grow back and your inner strength will eventually triumph over your fears.


Althazaire said...

I want to believe the end of that...

Green Girl said...

I dreamed last night that I lost most of my hair, it was horrifying! But I guess I didn't ever think it had to do with getting older, but in a way I believe it does...thanks for the info