Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bloody Dreams: That's so Hemo!

Dreams of losing blood
You maybe suffering from exhaustion or may feel emotionally depleted.

Dreams of drinking someone else's blood
You have intense desire to be intimate with that person.

Dreams of drinking the blood of an animal - you find joy in superficial things, just like junk food it tastes sweet, but not nourishing. 

Dreams of blood flowing like a river
There will be endless sacrifices in your behalf for your most desired dream to come true.

Dreaming of your menses  
When your period gushes out and flows in your dreams, it is a simple dream of fertility. That you are receptive of love and intimacy.

Dreams of seeing Blood on Walls
Such a violent blood dream only means your desire if not dealt with will end in an explosion of anger.

Dreams of Marking Someone's Face with Blood
You are marking your territory and stating that this prey of yours is the new sacrificial animal. You are planning something vindictive against this person.