Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Pop Quiz Hotshot! What Do Dreams about Taking a Test or Exam Mean?

Its been years since you were a student and in your dream you find yourself taking an exam, a dreadful pop quiz, a test. Regardless, whether its a multiple-choice exam, an essay or a test for filling in the blanks.

Dreams about taking Exams is mired by so much anxiety. The dream itself catches you off guard, unprepared, afraid of flunking the said test.

So what does dreaming about Tests and Exams mean?

You are being measured, and weighed of your worth. Will you succeed? Reach a passing mark? Or fail miserably? In real life, its about meeting people's expectations of you. Perhaps you are undergoing a lot of scrutiny at work, being underminded by colleagues, evaluated by your bosses. Dissected and emotionally prodded by your peers and family.

Fear of the Random Variable
Being in that room, helpless, undergoing the exam, and surprised at being tested for something you never studied for or ever known about. May it be a foreign language, complex math, statistics, or useless trivia. The element of surprise in Dreaming about an Exam is facing something unknown, something so random and spontaneous, it becomes an irrational fear itself. Like in real life, it comes when you least expect it and may even ruined your long term plans.