Friday, January 29, 2010

Dreams about Balloons: Flights of Fancy

What does it mean when one dreams about balloons?

Balloons are these poetic objects of flight. Balloons in dreams may signify your ambition, a journey into the unknown or your ability to take yourself to the next level through self-improvement.

Check out the following dream situations:

I dreamt of a red balloon, I was holding it and it popped
It means the end of a personal, lofty dream

I dreamt of being on a hot-air balloon and rising above the land seeing everything.
There is a journey up ahead and you are aware of the dangers and riches that await in your destination.

I dreamt of balloons flying away across a blue sky.
It is witnessing your secret desire for personal freedom take hold.

I dreamt of myself with a balloon head walking around the neighborhood.
You are being made aware of perhaps your inflated ego or how you are making things difficult for other people around you.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Falling in Dreams

Have you ever had the following dream scenario?
• Freefalling from great heights
• Falling from the sky
• Falling from a high place
• Jumping then falling into an abyss

Falling in dreams
represent a range of possible meanings:
• Loss of status in life (insecurities, failures, loss of good standing in the communtiy)
• A warning to stay within your means or to live within realistic expectations
• You fear the lack of support from loved ones (no one's there to catch your fall)

A falling dream is a warning to your ego and your megalomania- nurturing lofty dreams, grandiose fantasies are hurting your personal relationships with others.

When one falls, you are bound to hit the ground eventually, and the truth may hit your hard.

Falling photo by Franky

A January 2010 Dream of Falling Teeth and Gums

I dreamt of being in an office with uneven floors and ramps. Hexagonal-like walls abound. Mirrors everywhere.

I stand to examine my face up close in a mirror, I had these really deep wrinkles and old-age lines all over my face, criss crossing like razor cuts. I also had Grace Coddington's amazing, wiry flaming hair. I look distinguished.

But my jaw suddenly dropped, and while my mouth lay open, the upper part of gums falls off with my teeth still intact. I start laughing, curious how I could still talk while my gums dangling in the way my tongue.

I scramble to put my gums back on the top, but it keeps falling down. I wake up.


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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dreaming of Windows: Windows-Closed or Open in Dreams

So what does dreaming of windows mean?

Windows represent the obvious - an opening. A Window lets the light in and let's you see what's outside or even what's inside.

Well how did you see the window in your dream?

Were you watching someone from a window? Did you longed to be with that someone from the outside? If yes, then window is simply an emotional barrier between you and that special someone. 

Did you open the window in your dream?

You are inviting someone or something new ino your inner world. This could mean a positive change like letting your defenses down and being less guarded with your emotions.

Was the window dirty or covered with snow? Simply means you are not looking at situation clearly or you are not seeing this opening as an opportunity for change.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Dealing with Bouts of Sleep Paralysis: A Waking State of Mind

I suffer from some sort of sleep paralysis or sleep disorder which I figure stems from these migraines I have, I have these neuro problems that I feel are hard to describe.

Anyway, all these neurological things plus stress affect my dream and waking states. Sometimes I wake up and I see a form at the foot of my bed. I feel that this figure is staring down at me, well it feels clearly that way. It takes about two seconds to get unfrozen and to fully realize that I am now awake. By then, the figure at the foot of the bed is gone. Pffft!

I don't think its some ghost, specter or paranormal activity. If it was, it would have probably lingered on far longer and maybe even made its presence felt more strongly.

This has happened to me quite a number of times, waking up from different dream scenarios and seeing with my naked eye, dream-like and hallucinatory, figures from my dream existing in my waking state for a few seconds. Imagine, seeing characters from your dream in your bedroom.

I guess my brain is rather slow to shift from the two states- dreaming and waking. The two get mixed up and logically, this would explain the sleep paralysis I experience. Sometimes I wake up terrified in a sweat, sometimes I would watch things for a few seconds unable to move my body, sometimes I don't feel any fear at all, just some confusion waking up being still drowsy from sleep.

If you do get to experience this kind of sleep paralysis first hand, well take it from Douglas Adams, he said it best, "Don't Panic!"