Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dreaming about the Police

What ya gonna do if the cops come for you?

Dreaming about the Police or authority figures chasing after you or even cuffing you in front of everyone you know represents a deep-seated fear of being humiliated. You are obviously feeling guilty about something that you've hidden it from everyone you loved and the "Policeman" signifies the possibility of being caught red-handed with that awful secret.

Relax, secrets can be suffocating that even our subconscious may think we have committed a crime. How much of your internal monologue is consumed by guilt? Think about it. It could be just magnified by your own thoughts, but this secret whatever it is may not be so bad as you think. You are doing yourself a great injustice by being imprisoned by this guilt. So let it go, if you let someone you hold in high regard down with disappointment, learn to live with it and be easy on yourself.

Friday, November 19, 2010

A Dream about Eyes: Outta Mind, Outta Sight

An Eye Dream or Dreaming about Eyes means you must pay close attention to certain details of your life. There is something worth seeing beneath the surface of things. Come take a look, take a closer inspection- this could mean your feelings or it could mean someone close to you is exhibiting some strange behavior.

You may have not noticed that a loved one has been particularly jumpy lately, but obviously your body is picking up on her body signals of which you've missed and could not plainly see. Maybe something's troubling her or maybe there's something going on that you need to know. A dream of about eyes mean to warn you, make sure you don't get blindsided. Do not turn a blind eye to this, take heed with your Eye Dream.

"One sees clearly only with the heart. Anything essential is invisible to the eyes."

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Sleepers

Sleep is that golden chain that ties health and our bodies together.
Thomas Dekker, The Guls Horne Book (1609)

So are you a day sleeper? or night sleeper?

People who work odd shifts like in hospitals and call centers are stuck in this unique routine of constantly changing their sleep cycle based on their working hours.

I have a friend who get her 8 hours of sleep in batches of 2-3 hour naps spread throughout the day in the hospital. And oh boy, she is one crabby nurse!

Are you the instant snoozer? The deep snorer? or a light sleeper?

I envy instant snoozers, once they lie on any flat surface they quickly fall asleep, or they just fall asleep instantly once they close their eyes. I see these gifted sleepers on the subway, some grassy knoll, the park or the classroom.

The deep snorer is someone I wouldn't like to share a bed with. That deep, grumbling snore that rises from his being just points out my inadequacy that I can't have that kind of deep sleep. The light sleeper, however presents a tricky predicament, you can easily fall asleep, yet get awaken by any sudden noise or movement.

In my case, I'm an anomaly- I'm an insomniac, I can't sleep at night, but I am an excessively long sleeper during the day. The longest sleep I ever had was 18 hours, that is after I stayed awake for 2 days straight. I woke up because I really felt I needed to pee. Otherwise, I think I would have slept straight pass 20 hours.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dreaming about an Oven

Have you ever had a dream about Ovens? What were you doing with the oven? Were you in some kitchen? Oven dreams are maternal in nature, they also represent nourishment and satisfaction.

Dreams about Baking using an Oven
"I was dreaming about baking muffins in an oven. The muffins were burnt, but that didn't bother me at all. I had my eyes on this big warm oven and I was warming my hands in its heat."

If you are baking bread or any kind of food in an oven, your dream is about something good and gratifying coming your way. Open your arms to this dream, it is an omen of good fortune.

Dreams about an unused Oven
"The oven was big and filthy. I kept lighting it up, but nothing happens in my dream. Its dead of winter and I needed to warm up this week-old spinach lasagna from my fridge."

Trying times are coming your way, learn to tighten your purse strings. It will keep you from asking the wrong people for money that later on will only amount to bigger enslaving debts.

Dreams about my Head in an Oven
"The Oven was turn on, it was hot , but there wasn't any smoke. I slowly placed my head inside, I didn't mind at all, it felt like the right thing to do. But I felt my intentions weren't suicide. I didn't die in my dream or catch fire, my head was just there in this oven and I felt relaxed."

You wish to be inside your mother's womb. You have an innate need to return to a very relax state. The state of in utero is said to be an unmatched state of comfort. You are very stressed out right now, that your have desires to revert to infantile behavior, you want to be cared for and loved unconditionally.

Dreams about someone opening an Oven in front of me
"I dreamt I was 7 years old again and my mom was in the kitchen baking. She asked me to come near her and she open the oven door. I felt my face flushed with warmth. She told me to look inside and there was this sweet warm smell of bundt cake."

It is a Freudian belief that ovens represent the womb. Ovens are often associated with our mother's love and affection. In the dream, your mother is opening this oven door, this represents your maturity. The cake in the oven is a gift she would like you to take. Your mother in your dream is merely showing you the way. That there is someone in your life offering the gift of love that almost matches the intensity of your mother's love. The oven and the cake are signs for you to take a step forward in your life and accept that gift of love.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Floating Dreams

Floating dreams means acceptance of your fate or accepting what will come your way.

Floating in the air or water gives your senses a relax feeling, so in your dream, accept your state- let go of your worries, problems and issues.

Photo by Santa Barbara Science Museum

Floating is not like flying where you are constantly moving, hovering over or looking at something from an aerial point you. Floating dreams are all about the state of being. As floating may not be about the things visible around you in your dream, but how you feel as you float.

If you struggle staying afloat, it means that there are issues and parts of yourself that you can't accept. You have to overcome these issues, acknowledge them, whether they belong to the good or dark side of your persona. Otherwise, over time these will cause you further emotional damage.

Floating in dreams might even help you move forward.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Drowning in Dreams: Breathless in a Sea of Anxiety

Drowning in Dreams represent a huge emotional anxiety prevailing over your life.

Water is a powerful element of nature. As humans, we are made up of water. Water represents Emotions. Water is life. The most basic element for survival and existence.

So how do you analyze a dream about Water? Take note of the circumstances of your dream and how it presents water. Is the water in a glass? Or are you drowning in the sea somewhere? Are you surrounded by tidal waves? Or are you in your mother's womb floating and serene?

All of these have elements of water. But the most important thing to take note is your emotional state.

Drowning Dreams are common. It arises from a deep fear of being consumed, swallowed by something whole. Being sucked out of air. These drowning dreams stem from real life anxieties, stresses so overwhelming you believe its gonna take you under. It simply reflects your real life situation that you have lost control.

Drowning in a Pool
A pool is a controlled space. The amount of water is measured. There are no waves here, no external forces of nature, no tide or undertow. Just enough feet of water to drown you. Most likely, this dream is about a relationship that is slowly pulling you down, suffocating you. So get out before something bad happens or try to stay afloat.

Drowning in the Ocean
You vs. the Ocean. Now that's huge. Now this is most likely an existentialist dream of how you perceive yourself against the world you live in right now. Perhaps you are undermining your potential and you feel overwhelm by so many challenges. It is common to have a dream like this when you just moved into a big city.

Drowning is not only limited to water. You may find yourself dreaming submerge in other liquids:

Drowning in Chocolate
Drowning in your most favorite dessert is a dream of abundance. It is a dream rooted in self-reward and if you were to follow Sigmund Freud, Dreams of Food all point to a craving, or satisfying a need. And like all things Freudian, this would lead to things of sexual nature. Drowning in Chocolate could either mean you are enjoying a period of abundance or you are so sexually deprived.

Drowning in Blood
Is it your blood or someone else's? Blood represents passion. So are you so overwhelmed with passion and desire as of late? But if take this too literally, you are repressing something so violent from your childhood.

Drowning in your own Excrement means you are drowning in your own mistakes.

Drowning in Semen
You are being a repressed or oppress by a powerful masculine figure in your life. The dream may not necessary be sexual in nature. Dreams don't necessary represent the obvious. Drowning in Semen may also mean your refusal to accept things, your refusal to swallow or accept the truth about the man you love. As you find yourself drowning in semen, you are suddenly helpless breathing in this fluid- you may find the man your life very emotionally needy.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

When Dreams Can Kill: Brugada Syndrome

Brugada syndrome is a major caused of Sudden Unexpected Death Syndrome (SUDs). All medical jargon aside, simply put, you have a heart attack during your sleep and go into cardiac arrest. Most victims are apparently healthy-looking individuals, so their sudden deaths are hard to accept by relatives. Most are found hours later on their bed, undisturbed. Some frozen in a gasping position, mouths and eyes wide open.

Some recorded facts about this strange phenomenon:
  • Most of the victims are Male.
  • It is hereditary or a genetic disorder.
  • Common in South East Asian groups (Filipinos, Thais, Hmong people)
  • Post-mortem studies show that people who suffered from this sudden nocturnal death have acute pancreatitis.
A study on Sudden Unexpected Death Syndrome was even funded by a Maritime group since the incidence of sudden death during sleep among seafarers onboard their ships were rising in numbers over the years. And most who end up dying were the Asian men.

In the Philippines, it is called Bangungot (distressed moaning in sleep). Filipinos believe that certain demons or spirits were haunting you in your sleep. An evil spirit would rest on the sleeping person's chest, making their breathing labored and heavy until they eventually died in their sleep.

In 2002, a popular Filipino actor Rico Yan died during his sleep (sorta like Heath Ledger), the incident was controversial. Fans would attribute the death due to Bangungot while some were quick to point out suicide or an accidental drug overdose.

Another belief is that the person had gone through the worst and most God awful nightmare of his life which resulted in sudden death. Something more terrifying than Freddie Krueger on Nightmare on Elm Street.

In Laos, they called this Dab tsog, in Thailand, Laitai and in Japan Pokkuri.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Dreaming about a Dream within a Dream

I Dream a Dream within a Dream...

This is one of the most confusing, mindfucking dreams ever and I'm sure we've all had one of these multi-layered dreams. They unravel like matryoshka dolls and it doesn't seem to come to an end until we finally wake up from it.

Dreaming about a Dream within a Dream is like peeling layers off an onion, new elements are revealed about the dream or it can merely set the stage for an entirely new dream emerging from deep within the subconscious. What's so troubling about it? If you're a lucid dreamer this totally sets you off, you lose control and you stop being lucid. You totally give in to all the elements and scenes that would take place.

But more often than not you are aware that these are not 2 dreams intersecting or two dreams held together. But like in a movie, you wake from the occurence of the first dream, only to find yourself having your reality distorted, surprised to finally realized, you are not really awake, but still dreaming- trap in a dream. And when you do finally wake up, you still feel uncertain about it, you still fear you might be dreaming. This kind of dream can be such a disassociative experience for any person.

Why does this kind of dream happen anyway?

On why it happens, well who knows? The reason could be physical and chemical, something in your body is working overtime, some organ is secreting too much or busy digesting or releasing too much of this and that. That your brain reboots the dream in midstream.

One lucid dreamer calls this a form of false awakening

In my case, I experienced this commonly as a side effect of sleeping pills such as stilnox or unisom. Sleeping aids affect people differently and can produce the most vividly strange dreams.

What does Dreaming within a Dream mean?

We can say that such a dream can be considered a nightmare. As it prevents you from waking up and after a few layers, the dream can cause you great distress. The more you struggle to wake up, the more the dream unravels.

If your "Dream within a Dream" is on a pleasant tone, then it is a whimsical journey. Perhaps one dream is meant to protect you from the state of the other.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Dreams of Riding a Bike: Your Sleep Cycle

What does it mean when I am riding a bike in my dreams?

Riding a bike requires your own body's effort, to expend your own energy. The dream is telling you to take control of your life, exert yourself more. Be more ambitious and goal oriented. The bike is a journey symbol. You are being taken somewhere. In this case, as the rider, you will be deciding the fate of your personal journey.

Riding a bike in dreams may also represent a sexual act, particularly if you are mounting a red bike, the excitement of going fast and brazen and being in control as a rider. Perhaps as a lover you seek to tame who you desire most.

Are you alone or riding with someone on the bike? Like if you were dreaming about tandem biking? Is someone special riding along?

Enjoy this very pleasant dream, it stems possible from all the positive things you are enjoying in life right now. It means you should carry on and be happy with the way things are in your life.

Is the bike out of control? Or going uphill? Or speeding downhill?

Well the dream is about control, how much effort you put into pushing the pedals or engaging the breaks. There is a lack of focus in your life and th bike dream is trying to set your gears into balance.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Meaning of Cutting in Dreams: Sharp as a Blade

I dreamt I was cutting someone's face with an exacto knife, they were screaming, but they weren't fighting back or pushing me away. They could easily make me stop if they choose to, but they don't, they just rest their heads on my lap. They scream with eyes wide awake as I put the blade to their faces. They would endure the pain, the way a regular person would endure a visit to a dentist or a tattoo artist.

What I was doing seemed important to them. I would cut their faces with a pattern-like spiral, somewhat like a doodle. The cut is superficial, it doesn't bleed, it instantly clots and turns into rusty red scabs. These people want to be marked this way. I cut the father first, the mother and then the young children. They are wearing blue spandex suits with black cuffs. They are caucasian in origin. Once I am through with the youngest, the mother smiles at me for a job well done.

I wake up from this dream thoroughly disoriented.

Possible Meanings of this Dream:

Cutting in Dreams means 'severing' oneself from a bind. It may refer to a broken relationship or a negative behavior you wish to put to an end.

In the case of my dream, I wasn't cutting a part of my body, but someone else's - a whole family. All of their faces. In fact it felt like a job, cutting served like a service of sorts and I was praised for marking them and giving them pain.

Maybe the cutting was a cosmetic procedure, it was aesthetic in a sense. Maybe I have this deep-seated need to clean up my family issues and cut it out of its core.

Maybe I need to severe certain ties to some relative who refuse to change even after all my attempts to help them resolve their issues.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Dreams about Balloons: Flights of Fancy

What does it mean when one dreams about balloons?

Balloons are these poetic objects of flight. Balloons in dreams may signify your ambition, a journey into the unknown or your ability to take yourself to the next level through self-improvement.

Check out the following dream situations:

I dreamt of a red balloon, I was holding it and it popped
It means the end of a personal, lofty dream

I dreamt of being on a hot-air balloon and rising above the land seeing everything.
There is a journey up ahead and you are aware of the dangers and riches that await in your destination.

I dreamt of balloons flying away across a blue sky.
It is witnessing your secret desire for personal freedom take hold.

I dreamt of myself with a balloon head walking around the neighborhood.
You are being made aware of perhaps your inflated ego or how you are making things difficult for other people around you.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Falling in Dreams

Have you ever had the following dream scenario?
• Freefalling from great heights
• Falling from the sky
• Falling from a high place
• Jumping then falling into an abyss

Falling in dreams
represent a range of possible meanings:
• Loss of status in life (insecurities, failures, loss of good standing in the communtiy)
• A warning to stay within your means or to live within realistic expectations
• You fear the lack of support from loved ones (no one's there to catch your fall)

A falling dream is a warning to your ego and your megalomania- nurturing lofty dreams, grandiose fantasies are hurting your personal relationships with others.

When one falls, you are bound to hit the ground eventually, and the truth may hit your hard.

Falling photo by Franky

A January 2010 Dream of Falling Teeth and Gums

I dreamt of being in an office with uneven floors and ramps. Hexagonal-like walls abound. Mirrors everywhere.

I stand to examine my face up close in a mirror, I had these really deep wrinkles and old-age lines all over my face, criss crossing like razor cuts. I also had Grace Coddington's amazing, wiry flaming hair. I look distinguished.

But my jaw suddenly dropped, and while my mouth lay open, the upper part of gums falls off with my teeth still intact. I start laughing, curious how I could still talk while my gums dangling in the way my tongue.

I scramble to put my gums back on the top, but it keeps falling down. I wake up.


For dreams about tooth loss, know the meaning at my old post

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dreaming of Windows: Windows-Closed or Open in Dreams

So what does dreaming of windows mean?

Windows represent the obvious - an opening. A Window lets the light in and let's you see what's outside or even what's inside.

Well how did you see the window in your dream?

Were you watching someone from a window? Did you longed to be with that someone from the outside? If yes, then window is simply an emotional barrier between you and that special someone. 

Did you open the window in your dream?

You are inviting someone or something new ino your inner world. This could mean a positive change like letting your defenses down and being less guarded with your emotions.

Was the window dirty or covered with snow? Simply means you are not looking at situation clearly or you are not seeing this opening as an opportunity for change.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Dealing with Bouts of Sleep Paralysis: A Waking State of Mind

I suffer from some sort of sleep paralysis or sleep disorder which I figure stems from these migraines I have, I have these neuro problems that I feel are hard to describe.

Anyway, all these neurological things plus stress affect my dream and waking states. Sometimes I wake up and I see a form at the foot of my bed. I feel that this figure is staring down at me, well it feels clearly that way. It takes about two seconds to get unfrozen and to fully realize that I am now awake. By then, the figure at the foot of the bed is gone. Pffft!

I don't think its some ghost, specter or paranormal activity. If it was, it would have probably lingered on far longer and maybe even made its presence felt more strongly.

This has happened to me quite a number of times, waking up from different dream scenarios and seeing with my naked eye, dream-like and hallucinatory, figures from my dream existing in my waking state for a few seconds. Imagine, seeing characters from your dream in your bedroom.

I guess my brain is rather slow to shift from the two states- dreaming and waking. The two get mixed up and logically, this would explain the sleep paralysis I experience. Sometimes I wake up terrified in a sweat, sometimes I would watch things for a few seconds unable to move my body, sometimes I don't feel any fear at all, just some confusion waking up being still drowsy from sleep.

If you do get to experience this kind of sleep paralysis first hand, well take it from Douglas Adams, he said it best, "Don't Panic!"