Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Interpreting a Dream about Shoes

Do you think Imelda Marcos dreams of Shoes every night?

Perhaps. The lady does have itchy feet.

Come cool your heels then, if you dreamt recently about shoes, any thing that consoles the soles - sneakers, stilettos, maryjanes, sandals, boots, loafers. I guess it all boils down to an identity crisis and personal conviction issues bugging you all week. 

Often dreams referring to aspects of your wardrobe only point out to the inner persona, not your personal style or fashion sense. Things such as shoes conceal and reveal your personal image to the world. Now when we dream about them, then there is a crisis within your identity and how you view yourself.

Shoes in dreams symbolize an individual's standpoint, your personal beliefs and conviction.

So check this out and see if your shoe dream fits under the following context:

Were you out shopping for shoes?
Then you are looking for something new, perhaps craving for change.

Were you trying a shoe on? How did it feel?
Fitting a shoe has something to do with one's sexual nature.

Did it fit you snugly? Or it wasn't your size?
It means you are comfortable with your sexuality, if it felt loose then you are losing touch with your sensual nature, maybe you are becoming less romantic or less interested.

In the dream, were you walking on a new pair?
You long to start anew by making a life-altering decision.

Or did you remove the shoes and then started walking barefoot?
Perhaps you are longing to be carefree, that you have that innate need to feel the ground beneath your feet. You want to set yourself free from all worries.

Did you by chance in the dream, start wearing someone else's shoes?
Either you are longing to experience someone else's life or hoping to go through life through that person's point of view. Are you envious of this person? Or just trying to understand them better?

Vampires in Dreams: Hidden Meanings in One Bite

Too much hype on Twilight has got me dreaming of Vampires. Is there something really romantic about these bloodsuckers? Gone are the tacky capes as contemporary media has blessed the vampire lore with a sexy twist, reimagining these nocturnal lotharios as longing and lustful eternal companions.

So it goes, I come to dream of them often. After reading Anne Rice or Poppy Z. Brite or watching Moonlight or TrueBlood, my subconscious seems to get the message I need to project the vampire of my dreams at true REM.

If you consult, the dream psychics and dream scholars about dreaming of vampires, they would easily pinpoint towards the obvious cause of stress- someone or something is draining you of your energy and sound mind.

Like a vampire sucking blood out of your jugular, your dreams project you are under someone's spell, being manipulated into submission. Someone has power over you.

You can also be consume by negative thoughts, you are letting this negative ideas eat your core. Again, draining you of your life force.

Nevermind if it was Robert Pattinson sucking your neck, your dreams are telling you about someone- that vampire in your life. It is taking control of you and dragging you into a situation where you are helpless. That person may have co-dependency issues, an addict or simply greedy for your affection that you are unable to live your own life.

Now if you're the one doing the blood sucking in your dreams, well I guess like a vampire you are getting way too needy or imposing on that person.