Thursday, February 4, 2010

Dreams of Riding a Bike: Your Sleep Cycle

What does it mean when I am riding a bike in my dreams?

Riding a bike requires your own body's effort, to expend your own energy. The dream is telling you to take control of your life, exert yourself more. Be more ambitious and goal oriented. The bike is a journey symbol. You are being taken somewhere. In this case, as the rider, you will be deciding the fate of your personal journey.

Riding a bike in dreams may also represent a sexual act, particularly if you are mounting a red bike, the excitement of going fast and brazen and being in control as a rider. Perhaps as a lover you seek to tame who you desire most.

Are you alone or riding with someone on the bike? Like if you were dreaming about tandem biking? Is someone special riding along?

Enjoy this very pleasant dream, it stems possible from all the positive things you are enjoying in life right now. It means you should carry on and be happy with the way things are in your life.

Is the bike out of control? Or going uphill? Or speeding downhill?

Well the dream is about control, how much effort you put into pushing the pedals or engaging the breaks. There is a lack of focus in your life and th bike dream is trying to set your gears into balance.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Meaning of Cutting in Dreams: Sharp as a Blade

I dreamt I was cutting someone's face with an exacto knife, they were screaming, but they weren't fighting back or pushing me away. They could easily make me stop if they choose to, but they don't, they just rest their heads on my lap. They scream with eyes wide awake as I put the blade to their faces. They would endure the pain, the way a regular person would endure a visit to a dentist or a tattoo artist.

What I was doing seemed important to them. I would cut their faces with a pattern-like spiral, somewhat like a doodle. The cut is superficial, it doesn't bleed, it instantly clots and turns into rusty red scabs. These people want to be marked this way. I cut the father first, the mother and then the young children. They are wearing blue spandex suits with black cuffs. They are caucasian in origin. Once I am through with the youngest, the mother smiles at me for a job well done.

I wake up from this dream thoroughly disoriented.

Possible Meanings of this Dream:

Cutting in Dreams means 'severing' oneself from a bind. It may refer to a broken relationship or a negative behavior you wish to put to an end.

In the case of my dream, I wasn't cutting a part of my body, but someone else's - a whole family. All of their faces. In fact it felt like a job, cutting served like a service of sorts and I was praised for marking them and giving them pain.

Maybe the cutting was a cosmetic procedure, it was aesthetic in a sense. Maybe I have this deep-seated need to clean up my family issues and cut it out of its core.

Maybe I need to severe certain ties to some relative who refuse to change even after all my attempts to help them resolve their issues.