Saturday, March 26, 2011

Dream Diary: The Glass Cathedral

Two days ago, I dreamt about a Glass Cathedral. It was well-lit and glowing from the inside. I was forever on this cement road going towards it, but I never seem to get there. The view always stays the same, I always remain a hundred yards away from it. I could see these frozen bodies of Catholic saints being paraded inside, a pilgrimage that went on and on and on. I used to be religious in my youth because I grew up in this repressive Catholic community. I still have my faith, but I'm not this religious nut that does everything by the book, fire and brimstone, et. al.

But that's the only thing I remember about the dream, how beautiful and golden and glowing this fragile glass cathedral was.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Dreaming about Toilets: Flushing out your Subconscious

Ah! toilet dreams - sometimes these come down to a science. Maybe you are holding out your bladder and bowels long enough that its now bothering your sleep. Such physical needs can find their way into our dreams just to remind us what we need to do for our physical bodies. Not being attune to this will have catastrophic results on your mattress, so pee if you have to or do number two before you go to bed at night. So your dreams will stay clear away from any toilet imagery.

Now if all these flying toilets, bathroom fixtures and latrine scenarios still creep up on you then seeing a toilet in your dreams has a pure symbolic meaning - in essence a cleansing is in order. A cleansing of the spirit, removal of impure thoughts or a change in behavior or lifestyle is needed. Perhaps you have been living with guilt or a burden of shame that you now need to unload. Your mind is obviously very weary from too much thinking, it needs to expel this mental poison. And so you must! 

Monday, March 14, 2011

Dreaming of being on Top a High Building

Do you dream looking down from a very tall place like a skyscraper? Do you find yourself on top of a building?

Then the dream connotes several hidden messages:
  • You are an elitist. You like looking down at people, micro-managing from the top of your perch.
  • You like feeling isolated from the crowd. Having an aerial view gives you a great sense of power and control of people you think are beneath you.
  • You have your head in the clouds. You have lofty dreams and you are very internal and engaged in your thoughts most of the time. For other people, it may seem you are out of touch with reality.
  • You have this deep-seated fear of heights and the dream may turn into a nightmare once you find yourself falling down.