Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Tree in your Dream: The Tree of Life

Dreaming of Trees can be prophetic because the Tree symbol in the dream is actually You. The state of the tree signifies what condition you are in. Observe with yor mind's eye this tree that represents your life. What is the state of its leaves, branches and roots? What kind of tree is it? Is it a bamboo? a fruit bearing tree? a strong oak?

Dreams of a dried-out tree may represent that something in you is dying or need of attention such as your creativity, spiritual self or your love for someone.

Dreaming of a aged, but sturdy tree - You are maturing gracefully and handling life's obstacles divinely.

Dreams about a tree with strange fruits - You bear the brunt of the worst problems still you manage to blossom despite the odds. These strange fruits are symbols of rewards to come in your life.

Dreaming of a tree with animals on it - You are a giver of life and you sustain the people around you with enough love.

Dreams of an exotic tree such as a baobab, bamboo or a dragon blood tree - You have roots that extend to the deepest Earth. You are well-grounded and you think highly of your family's origins. You are not ashame of who you are and what you've become.