Monday, August 16, 2010

Floating Dreams

Floating dreams means acceptance of your fate or accepting what will come your way.

Floating in the air or water gives your senses a relax feeling, so in your dream, accept your state- let go of your worries, problems and issues.

Photo by Santa Barbara Science Museum

Floating is not like flying where you are constantly moving, hovering over or looking at something from an aerial point you. Floating dreams are all about the state of being. As floating may not be about the things visible around you in your dream, but how you feel as you float.

If you struggle staying afloat, it means that there are issues and parts of yourself that you can't accept. You have to overcome these issues, acknowledge them, whether they belong to the good or dark side of your persona. Otherwise, over time these will cause you further emotional damage.

Floating in dreams might even help you move forward.

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