Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dreaming of Windows: Windows-Closed or Open in Dreams

So what does dreaming of windows mean?

Windows represent the obvious - an opening. A Window lets the light in and let's you see what's outside or even what's inside.

Well how did you see the window in your dream?

Were you watching someone from a window? Did you longed to be with that someone from the outside? If yes, then window is simply an emotional barrier between you and that special someone. 

Did you open the window in your dream?

You are inviting someone or something new ino your inner world. This could mean a positive change like letting your defenses down and being less guarded with your emotions.

Was the window dirty or covered with snow? Simply means you are not looking at situation clearly or you are not seeing this opening as an opportunity for change.

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Anonymous said...

Cool but what about when you come to a flight which ends in a open window (!) Shocking, isn't it. Someone could fall. I clamber up to th 1st step n open the top window instead, closing the bottom one, BTW.