Saturday, September 26, 2009

Dreams on Tooth loss: What it means when my Teeth are falling out

I dreamt my teeth are falling out.

foto by MilkToof

This is one of the most common dreams on Earth. Unbelievable, right? Ask people around you and you'd be surprised how this dream happens to almost everyone in his lifetime.

It could be just the front tooth falling off, followed by the molars and the rest. Losing teeth one by one, to your horror it becomes a definite nightmare.

Or they all fall off at the same time.

Or something grows in place of your teeth and your gums are not left empty. What does this dental dream of teeth falling out mean?

Dream Interpreters have associated the following issues:

You do not have a strong 'bite', you do not leave a mark or an impression at all. You're losing your teeth in your dream because you are unassertive in solving problems. It also hints at your own immaturity in tackling problems.

Losing your smile, keeping your mouth shut out of embarrassment of these missing teeth. You have self-image issues you need to address and this fear of dental disfigurement is eating you up from the inside. It is obvious you are very critical of your self-image and how other perceives you.

Fear of Aging
Most of us dread getting old and as we age, we slowly lose our teeth. You have this hidden fear that you may not age gracefully or you absolutely hate the idea of losing your youth one day. This is an inevitable truth we all have to accept, we all age. Otherwise, the only solution is to your fear is an early untimely death.

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