Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dreaming about an Oven

Have you ever had a dream about Ovens? What were you doing with the oven? Were you in some kitchen? Oven dreams are maternal in nature, they also represent nourishment and satisfaction.

Dreams about Baking using an Oven
"I was dreaming about baking muffins in an oven. The muffins were burnt, but that didn't bother me at all. I had my eyes on this big warm oven and I was warming my hands in its heat."

If you are baking bread or any kind of food in an oven, your dream is about something good and gratifying coming your way. Open your arms to this dream, it is an omen of good fortune.

Dreams about an unused Oven
"The oven was big and filthy. I kept lighting it up, but nothing happens in my dream. Its dead of winter and I needed to warm up this week-old spinach lasagna from my fridge."

Trying times are coming your way, learn to tighten your purse strings. It will keep you from asking the wrong people for money that later on will only amount to bigger enslaving debts.

Dreams about my Head in an Oven
"The Oven was turn on, it was hot , but there wasn't any smoke. I slowly placed my head inside, I didn't mind at all, it felt like the right thing to do. But I felt my intentions weren't suicide. I didn't die in my dream or catch fire, my head was just there in this oven and I felt relaxed."

You wish to be inside your mother's womb. You have an innate need to return to a very relax state. The state of in utero is said to be an unmatched state of comfort. You are very stressed out right now, that your have desires to revert to infantile behavior, you want to be cared for and loved unconditionally.

Dreams about someone opening an Oven in front of me
"I dreamt I was 7 years old again and my mom was in the kitchen baking. She asked me to come near her and she open the oven door. I felt my face flushed with warmth. She told me to look inside and there was this sweet warm smell of bundt cake."

It is a Freudian belief that ovens represent the womb. Ovens are often associated with our mother's love and affection. In the dream, your mother is opening this oven door, this represents your maturity. The cake in the oven is a gift she would like you to take. Your mother in your dream is merely showing you the way. That there is someone in your life offering the gift of love that almost matches the intensity of your mother's love. The oven and the cake are signs for you to take a step forward in your life and accept that gift of love.