Thursday, July 11, 2013

A Strange Dream of Taking Someone to a Hospital

I'm trying to recall bits and pieces of this dream last night. My dreams are weird whenever I have my period. LOL.

What I remember from this dream: There's a woman breaking down crying in front of me in a mall/restaurant area. She's famous or gives off the vibe that she's famous. She obviously needs to be taken to the hospital, she is not well. This is all gut feel in my dream. I could walk her to the nearest hospital, instead I decide to carry her safely in my purse (a shoulder sling bag). She manages to fit inside the bag with only her face peeking out. She's looking right back at me, crying and delirious. She doesn't want to be seen by anyone or in public. I get her to the hospital the one she likes where's there a giant tin drum rolling around the hospital building being chased by a marching band. We get there and I hand over my purse to the doctor. He looks into my bag. She stops crying and smiles at me thankful.

I wake up.

That was a shitty surreal dream :D

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Do Starks Dream of Dire Wolves?

Oh my its been years since I last posted anything. Beyond dream interpretation, this blog is meant to be a catalog of my dreams at night.

I guess I better get back at it. I guess after seeing the Game of Thrones Red Wedding episode, I am bound to have some nightmares on queue.